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TRAIL: 2N93    Holcomb Creek Trail

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Re-Open to the Public

We remember it like it was yesterday. We were forced to bid one of the forest's most beloved trails goodbye after the Butler 2 fire in September 2007.

But we will remember this day even more, as Holcomb Creek is re-open for public use! After 5,500 hours of manual labor, the trail crew was thrilled to open the trail at 1530hrs on June 26, 2011.

We were all devastated on our first workday, April 19, 2008, to see the damage on the trail. Entire tree stumps had burned away, leaving ash-covered holes in the ground. Lush, green vegetation lining the river had been reduced to bare dirt and sand.

Among the many large projects we accomplished with the help of Greg Hoffman, OHV, and clubs in the program (we had over 1,000 hours of help on top of our regular hours) were vehicle removal, tree removal beyond anyone's dreams, gabion basket installations, major water diversions, and quite a bit of bulldozing. Some of the group even worked with the hotshot crews, the district ranger and forest biologists.

The club worked together to mobilize volunteers on short notice, adjust plans for inclement weather, and organize large groups of 20+ vehicles. We gained a few new licensed HAM's which immensely aided communications on the curvy trail.

A few members have worn their hardhats an extraordinary amount of time so far this year and pushed their limits in the final hours to get Holcomb Creek Trail open. With over 100 hours of volunteer time for 2011 are Mike Anderson, Sharon Anderson, Russ Chung and Chuck McInnish. With over 200 hours are Kurt Kauffman and Ryan Primosch. You guys rock!

Sarah Administrator