Introducing SBNF Adopt-A-Trail Volunteer Dash Plaques

Beginning now all volunteers who work on a trail will be eligible to receive current-year volunteer dash plaques.  Contact your club Adopt-A-Trail liaison to learn more and request a plaque.

All people who have logged and reported over 100 volunteer hours in a fiscal year will continue to receive a National Forest Adventure Pass as well as one of the new color 100 hour plaques.  You will receive this plaque along with your pass.

For each 250 volunteer hours spent you continue to qualify for a one year America the Beautiful  National Park and Federal Lands Volunteer Pass.  This is a program is a cumulative program so track your volunteer hours as you submit them each year, when you have reached the 250 hour mark simply state such with your usual end-of-year hours report to get your pass at the next Adopt-A-Trail meeting as well as a new color 250 volunteer hour dash plaque.

Thank you for volunteering!

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