This website is owned and operated by SBNF Friends, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization committed to assisting San Bernardino National Forest Adopt-A-Trail volunteers and the US Forest Service employees who work with them in strategic planning, tools and resources, training, educational outreach, and volunteer support in order to nurture and expand the SBNF Adopt-A-Trail program.

The San Bernardino National Forest Adopt-A-Trail program maintains Roads & Trails throughout the San Bernardino National Forest.

Four Wheel Drive, Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile, UTV (ROV), and other OHV clubs and groups join forces with the US Forest Service and businesses to maintain and repair OHV trails in the San Bernardino National Forest assuring they remain open for public access.

Motorized access to the National Forest depends upon the efforts of volunteers and their partnership with businesses that care about the outdoors. For each adoption the partners may include an OHV or community group, a business, and the Forest Service each one gives something—the Forest Service gives the necessary training, supplies and equipment when possible; the business provides an annual cash contribution, and the group provides the maintenance needed to sustain recreational use by the public throughout the operating season.

Forest Service management decide which trails or routes should be adopted and the Adopt-A-Trail Coordinator makes the route assignments based on the proposed group’s capabilities, preferences, and trail needs.

Each trail is different, but this is a list of the types of maintenance that can be required.

  • Removing logs, brush and boulders that encroach on the trail
  • Install, repair, and clean water bars or other drainage structures
  • Provide protection for stream crossings, meadows, and wet areas
  • Maintain trail to the designated rating
  • Remove traces of any use that occurs off the designated trail
  • Remove litter and debris from trail
  • Install, maintain, and replace trail drainage structures
  • Install, maintain, and replace signs and bulletin boards as needed

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