About our Sponsorship Program

SBNF Friends Sponsorship

SBNF Friends 501c3 Non-Profit Supporting the San Bernardino National Forest Adopt-A-Trail Program


  • Volunteers maintain over 50% of the roads and trails in the San Bernardino National Forest for safe and continued motorized vehicle travel for over 800,000 visitors annually
  • Forest Service maintenance budgets are continully being cut
  • The Forest Service relies on the Adopt-A-Trail program to pick up the slack and requests we adopt more roads and trails
  • More funding is needed for equipment, materials and signage
  • The AAT program consists of nearly 50 SoCal off road clubs with over 3000 members
  • Volunteers contribute up to 25,000 man-hours annually for forest road and trail maintenance
  • The program is the largest and most prestigious in the US


  • The Sponsor-A-Trail Program is operated by the SBNF Friends, a501c3 non-profit supporting the SBNF Adopt-A-Trail program
  • Sponsorships are tax-deductible
  • Annual sponsor donations range from $1500 to $300 depending upon the nature of the trail and the traffic


  • Company logos, web links and contact info on the SBNF Adopt-A-Trail website
  • Company logos and contact info in the SBNF Adopt-A-Trail promotional map (10,000 printed annually)
  • A seat on the SBNF Adopt-A-Trail Advisory Board
  • Company Jeep/4×4 runs for company employees and/or customer appreciation days. The AAT adopting club and AAT Leadership team members will lead the run and provide vehicles as need to transporft company guests on the SBNF Adventure
  • Inclusion in the Adopt-A-Trail media campaigns

SBNF Adopt-A-Trail Program Promotional Maps

The annually printed AAT trail maps feature color-coded trails with listing of the adopting clubs and sponsors.  Sponsor logos and contact info also appear on the maps. Maps are distributed at off road retailers, trailhead kiosks, through AAT clubs, and at businesses near the forest.

For more information or to sign up please click here.