SBNF Adopt-A-Trail Duties

San Bernardino National Forest Adopt-A-Trail Duties


  • Create an annual road/trail maintenance plan.  Identify project work that can be completed by the Adopt-a-Trail Club and what work the USFS needs to assist with.
  • Clear the road/trail bed to allow safe public access.  Including fallen trees, large rocks, landslide or slough and any other debris blocking the route.  Avoid side casting large rocks (leave on road or on the road/trail shoulder).
  • Identify any hazard trees (normally dead and standing) that could potentially fall onto the road or trail and inform USFS AAT Liaison.
  • Photograph and note project work with before and after photos, GPS locations and document what was accomplished.
  • Photograph and note unauthorized routes that require restoration.  Include GPS locations.
  • Remove litter from Adopted routes and surrounding areas within 300’ of road or trail.
  • Photograph and note any graffiti (with GPS) on or adjacent to adopted route (within 300’ of road or trail).
  • Contact USFS Liaison to schedule any equipment use with a description of what and why the equipment is needed.  This includes: bulldozers, front loaders, backhoes, mini excavators, augers, chainsaws and any USFS trailers.
  • Break up any illegal fire rings on, or adjacent to the adopted route.  If the fire is hot, determine if the club can fully extinguish the fire.  Take a GPS location of any hot fires and contact FICC Dispatch (909) 383-5654 to report the illegal hot fire.  Record and document the incident number and report information to USFS AAT Liaison.
  • Report illegal activities to FICC Dispatch as a USFS AAT Volunteer.  Not every incident needs to be reported.  I.E. – Report: Illegal woodcutting, fireworks, illegal target shooters, people attending illegal campfires, dumped vehicles and incidents that Dispatch can request Law Enforcement to respond.  Avoid public contacts that involve any illegal activities.
  • Clear all over side drains, rolling dips and/or culverts along your adopted road or trail.
  • Maintain Adopt-a-Trail signs (including metal sign condition, all stickers and Adopt-a-Trail club logo).
  • Report any vandalized or missing signs to USFS AAT Liaison (to have signs replaced).
  • Maintain any fence lines adjacent to adopted road or trail.  Normally wire fence lines that were originally constructed to prevent motorized cross country travel. 
  • Report any volunteer accidents (resulting in injury) to USFS AAT Liaison ASAP (less than 24 hours).  Fill out accident reports and witness statements ASAP.  If medical assistance is needed, please contact FICC Dispatch (909) 383-5654.
  • Monitor all project and restoration sites (on or adjacent to adopted route) on each volunteer outing.  Report conditions (good or bad) to club AAT Liaison.
  • Record volunteer hours using AAT sign-in sheet.  Be sure ALL volunteers with the group fill out and sign (in ink).
  • Request any volunteer training needs to USFS AAT Liaison.

Need Approval 

  • Cut back brush and live impeding materials from roadway 2’ away from road and or, trail shoulders.  Cut overhanging limbs (using a pole saw) typically suspended 7’ or less above the road/trail tread.
  • All heavy work needs